Caruso St John Architects

Location: Graubunden, CH
Project Status: Competition

The district of Arosa, an alpine resort in the Graubunden region of Switzerland, held an invited competition in 2000 for the design of a multipurpose hall for sports and cultural events, incorporating a skating rink for hockey and leisure skating.

This design proposed a building with a joyful presence, bright like the alpine sky and sparkling like the surface of the adjacent lake, which would provide a landmark for the town and radiate an energy during special events and festivals.

The special character of the interior is open and light, achieving flexibility with the highest and most economical of means. The simple steel structure is clad in a coat of translucent and reflecting ETFE pillows, which are sparkling and reflective during the day and transformed into a beacon of light in the evening. The volume of the building describes a gentle spiral, a dynamic and open ended form which starts from the ice deck at its centre, is wrapped by foyer and ancillary spaces, and finally climbs up to a high level restaurant with a view of the lake and mountains beyond.