Caruso St John Architects

Location: London, UK
Client: National Gallery
Project Status: Study

Caruso St John were commissioned by the National Gallery in January 2006 to carry out a study of the potential for new collection galleries on the ground floor of the building. The new galleries are the next step in the masterplan for the lower floor, which was begun by the construction of the Annenburg Court and new west entrance from Trafalgar square in 2004.  In the long term, the new west entrance will become the foyer for new suites of galleries at the lower level, providing the additional space that the National Gallery needs for its growing collection, as well as extending the range of types of galleries within the building.

The study involved firstly working with the gallery staff and technical consultants on strategic planning of the gallery suite and the logistical implications of the proposal on the workings of the building. Secondly, a detailed design for a single gallery was prepared to show what quality of gallery space could be achieved within the available ceiling height and with artificial lighting. The study was completed in June 2006, and will be used to inform future decisions on the National Gallery’s masterplan