Archetypes at Das Gelbe Haus Flims, Switzerland


Archetypes at Das Gelbe Haus

Flims, Switzerland

19th December 2021 - 18th April 2022

David K. Ross' Mock Up exhibition, featuring Caruso St John's Swiss Life Arena, has moved to the Yellow House in Flims. The exhibition shown previously at S AM presents his Archetypes photographic series, which examines the role of mock ups in the design process.

Photos © David K. Ross


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Archetypes at the Schweizerisches Architkturmuseum

Basel, Switzerland

28th August - 31st October

David K. Ross' photographic series, Archetypes will be exhibited at the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel from the 28th August to the 31st October. Façade mock-ups for Caruso St John's Swiss Life Arena feature as part of exhibition.

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In Conversation

David K. Ross, Archetypes

23 June 2021

Façade mock-ups for Caruso St John's Swiss Life Arena have been photographed as part of Canadian artist David K. Ross' new publication Archetypes. 

Hosted by BALTS Projects, Caruso St John's Tibor Bielicky will be in conversation with Ross about the project, on Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 18:30 (MSEZ).

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ZSC Lions win Swiss National Hockey League

Zurich, Switzerland

30th April 2024

The ZSC Lions have been crowned champions of the Swiss National Hockey League after defeating rivals Lausanne HC in front of a home crowd at the Swiss Life Arena.

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The Swiss Life Arena is featured in Casabella 944. Federico Tranfa introduces the project and discusses its key references – the ruins of an ancient mosque in Syria and the 18th century Guards Tent in the gardens of the summer palace at Drottingholm in Stockholm.

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The Swiss Life Arena is reviewed in the March edition of Werk, Bauen WohnenBenjamin Muschg takes in the atmosphere at a sold-out game, as the ZSC Lions triumph over HC Davos, and describes the building's unconventional organisation and approach to minimizing energy consumption in use.

Maik Novotny visits Caruso St John's Zurich office to discuss the new arena for the ZSC Lions ice-hockey team and, despite the scale of its most recently completed project, discovers the practice's long-term interest and growing commitment to projects that prioritise renovation and adaptive re-use over new construction.

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Caruso St John's newly opened Swiss Life Arena is reviewed in Hochparterre. Deborah Fehlmann explores the project's materiality and composition, touching on its fabric inspired façade and efficient internal organisation.

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Swiss Life Arena

18th October 2022

The Zurich Lions Ice Hockey team will play their inaugural match tonight at the newly opened Swiss Life Arena. Located in Altstetten, at the north-western edge of the city, the 12,000 seat, 70,000m² arena is Caruso St John's largest building to date.

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Swiss Performance 2023

Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss Life Arena features in Swiss Performance 2023, Archithese's round-up of the best Swiss architectural projects from the past 12 months.

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Adam Caruso will be in conversation with Casabella’s editor Federico Tranfa at the Theatro Milano for the magazine’s annual lecture series. The discussion will focus on the design process, exploring projects like the recently completed Swiss Life Arena.

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A publication charting the 14 year process of designing and building the Swiss Life Arena has been published by Park Books.

The book is by CCTM Real Estate & Infrastructure AG, with contributions by Ariana Pradal, Marco Keller, and Claudia Kaufmann-Morf, as well as photographs by and Philip Heckhausen.

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Michael Schneider spoke to Jonathan Jaeggi of Hochparterre's Sach & Krach podcast, about the recently completed Swiss Life Arena. The two discuss the building's strong façade, its complex planning and construction alongside the importance of injecting humour into architecture.

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