Warehouse, Wiedikon

Zurich, Switzerland 2019–2021

Client: Private client

This project is located near the Bahnhof Wiedikon in a mixed part of Zurich where an excellent art gallery, a designer furniture store, and a Hasidic synagogue are all a minute’s walk away. The original building is a warehouse and depot that was purpose-built for a Zurich-based publisher in the 1940s, and is now inhabited by the third generation of the same family.

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Drawings 1

Location plan

Drawings 2

Ground floor plan

Drawings 3

First floor plan

Drawings 4

Second floor plan

Drawings 5

Third floor plan

Drawings 6

Roof plan

Drawings 7

North elevation

Drawings 8

East elevation

Drawings 9

South elevation

Furniture details

Furniture 1


Furniture 2


Furniture 3


Furniture 4


Furniture 5

Dining table

Furniture 6


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Project update

New addition, Warehouse, Wiedikon

Zurich, Switzerland

The second floor of the Wiedikon Warehouse has been reorganised to welcome a new family member.

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Maik Novotny visits Caruso St John's Zurich office to discuss the new arena for the ZSC Lions ice-hockey team and, despite the scale of its most recently completed project, discovers the practice's long-term interest and growing commitment to projects that prioritise renovation and adaptive re-use over new construction.

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Casabella issue 932 focuses on timber, presenting an anthology of wooden constructions, including Caruso St John's newly completed renovation of a warehouse in Wiedikon, Zurich.

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Warehouse, Wiedikon

Zurich, Switzerland

Caruso St John's work on a 1940’s industrial building has created new working and living spaces for a young family. The project lightly repairs the existing almost cubic building. The new construction is a new roof built almost to the limits of what is permitted by the planning regulations, a steep volume that rises up from the eaves along the street to make a new broad façade facing south towards the rear yard.

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Project update

Warehouse, Wiedikon

Zurich, Switzerland

The renovation of a 1940’s industrial building in Wiedikon nears completion, with the installation of its windows.

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Zurich, Switzerland


Private client


Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Michael Schneider, Florian Zierer

Project architects
Patrick Arnold (2019-2020), Christoph Hayn (2020-2021)

Project team
Cristiano Zan, Paula Holtmann

Structural engineer
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG

Building physics / acoustics
EK Energiekonzepte AG

Reu GmbH

Electrical engineer
EK Engeriekonzepte

Cost consultant
WT Partner AG

Fire consultant
Timbatec Holzbauingenieure Schweiz AG

Construction management
WT Partner AG

Philip Heckhausen