ETH Zurich Seminar Week: What is Next?
Food & The City

Studio Adam Caruso, ETH Zurich

19 October 2020


with Carolyn Steel, Yvonne Lötscher, and Laura Schälchli

Not having to think about food is a privilege. In the third talk of the seminar week, Carolyn Steel (author of 'Sitopia: How Food Can Save The World'), Yvonne Lötscher (head of Sustainable Nutrition, Zurich) and Laura Schälchi (Slow Food Switzerland) discuss the relation between food and the city. Where is our food coming from? How does food shape our city? What has to change and how, in order to make our nutrition sustainable? Coming from theoretical, educational and practical backgrounds, the panelists discuss their various approaches in contemporary food-economy.

Carolyn Steel is an architect, historian and author of Hungry City and Sitopia, which observes how food shapes our lives: our bodies, habits, homes, landscapes, cities, politics and economics. 'Sitopia' refers to a world shaped by food, and comes from the Greek sitos- food; topos- place. Carolyn is a director of Kilburn Nightingale Architects in London and a research fellow at Aeres University. She has taught for a number of years at Cambridge University, London Metropolitan University, the London School of Economics and Wageningen University.

Yvonne Lötscher studied biology, microbiology and immunology, and agricultural science at ETH Zurich. She worked for the BWL for four years and in 2018 was made project leader of sustainable food Strategy for the City of Zurich. Yvonne Lötscher focuses on the question of nutrition strategies for the future. Her focus is on collecting data and assessing the influence of infrastructures which deal with the distribution and trade of food. Raising public awareness is at the core of her work, establishing a dialogue with the population of Zurich about food production, diet and its influence on the climate.

Laura Schälchli is co-founder and director of the chocolate company La Flor Schokoladen Manufaktur. The Start-up was founded in Zurich two years ago and is based on three business strategies: production, gastronomy and events. All the founders have experience in the food- and gastronomy sector and aim to produce high- quality chocolate with a transparent production chain.

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ETH Zurich
Seminar Week: What is Next?

Studio Adam Caruso, ETH Zurich

19–22 October 2020


The Architecture Foundation presents a week of seminars from 19-22 October 2020 curated by Studio Adam Caruso at ETH Zürich exploring the architecture of crisis. Invited speakers include Carolyn Steel, Summer Islam,  Paloma Gormley and others in the disciplines of architecture, politics and economics. Across 9 talks over 4 days, panelists will be asked to reflect upon the unit's posed question: What is Next?

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This annotated bibliography of writing by women about architecture was created collaboratively through conversations, invitations and spontaneous suggestions as a resource for gathering lists of texts, for encouragement, and for finding new writers. The project's editorial board is led by long-term collaborator Helen Thomas, and former Caruso St John staff members Emilie Appercé and Barbara Thüler. The project was developed with support from the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich and the Chair of Adam Caruso.

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30th anniversary event

CSTJ30: Yesterday and Today

Live-stream from London

19 November 2020


Caruso St John Architects celebrates 30 years in practice with a new website, Instagram, and a special online event hosted by the Architecture Foundation.

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Following a period of isolation at the start of the Lockdown, Adam Caruso met host Matthew Blunderfield online to discuss teaching at ETH Zurich, the work of Pierre Huyghe, and the series of monographs on lesser-known Modernist architects he co-edits with with his partner, Helen Thomas.

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Peter St John talks galleries, ice hockey and awards with Hugh Pearman, editor of the RIBA Journal

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In Conversation

David K. Ross, Archetypes

23 June 2021


Façade mock-ups for Caruso St John's Swiss Life Arena have been photographed as part of Canadian artist David K. Ross' new publication Archetypes. 

Hosted by BALTS Projects, Caruso St John's Tibor Bielicky will be in conversation with Ross about the project, on Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 18:30 (MSEZ).

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National Gallery Sainsbury Wing

London, United Kingdom

8 April 2021


Caruso St John is among the six shortlisted teams for the National Gallery NG200 competition. The project will be part of the gallery's Bicentenary, working on its historic structure and visitor experience.

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In conversation

Valerie Verhack with Adam Caruso and Freek Persyn

Live-stream from Leuven, Belgium

8 April 2021


Museum Leuven's curator Valerie Verhack in conversation with Adam Caruso and Freek Persyn of 51n4e architects, part of a series of events around the museum's retrospective of the work of Thomas Demand.

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To celebrate its anniversary, the Heong Gallery has created a video looking back at the five years since its transformation from an Edwardian stable block into a public gallery showing modern and contemporary art.

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Bauwelt Kongress 2020

3–4 December 2020


Adam Caruso participated in the 2020 Bauwelt Kongress, with a lecture entitled 'What is it Worth?', on reading the city and speculating about what its future might hold. The lecture will be followed by a conversation with Kaye Geipel and Lina Ghotmeh.

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What is Next? What is it Worth?

Milan, Italy

October 2020

Adam Caruso contributes an article to the October Issue of Domus, outlining how on the failure of architecture to address the imbalances of contemporary life has motivated him to look again, in practice and with students at the ETH, at the ideological and programmatic promises of modernism.

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Adam Caruso contributes an essay to the Autumn 2020 issue of Superposition, discussing the modernities of Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer’s ADGB Trade Union School, and Jony Ive at Norman Foster's Apple Headquarters seen through the lens of Andreas Gursky.

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