Scaffold Podcast: Thomas Demand

Matthew Blunderfield interviewed Thomas Demand in his Berlin Studio for Scaffold Podcast. Alongside discussing his practice in reference to trauma, fiction and chance, they explore his relationship with architecture. When talking about his collaborations with Caruso St John on Nagelhaus and The Triple Folly, Demand explains his position as both close to and separate from the role of architects.

"When architects look at my work it’s like when you show your work to your mother – she looks at something completely different than when you show your work to your peers. Architects are not “Mother”, but they see different aspects of my work than the art world do.”

Image: Nail House, Chongqing, China

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Thomas Demand: House of Card

Museum Leuven

19 October 2020 – 18 April 2021

M Leuven presents a major retrospective of the work of the artist Thomas Demand, featuring two works made by the artist in collaboration with Caruso St John: The unrealised Nagelhaus and the soon to be built pavilion at the headquarters of fabric manufacturers Kvadrat in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

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Adam Caruso in conversation with Thomas Demand

Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern, London, United Kingdom

2 November 2009, 7pm

Chaired by Alex Farquharson, director of Nottingham Contemporary.

Published by Mack Books, The Triple Folly presents an account of the collaboration between Thomas Demand, Caruso St John, and textile manufacturers Kvadrat, which led to the construction of the new pavilion at Kvadrat's headquarters in Ebeltoft, Denmark.

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The Triple Folly

Ebeltoft, Denmark

The pavilion at Kvadrat Headquarters is complete.  The building, set in the coastal dunes surrounding the textile company’s headquarters in Ebeltoft, on the east coast of Denmark, is a design collaboration with the artist Thomas Demand.

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Namely, Words: part 2

London, United Kingdom

9th April - 21st May 2022

Caruso St John and Thomas Demand's Nagelhaus features in Betts Project's group exhibition Namely, words - Part 2. The show invited artists and architects to present a drawn or sculpted work alongside a piece of writing they admire. Prints of Nagelhaus feature in conversation with the lyrics of Talking Heads' Heaven.

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Under construction

Kvadrat Pavilion

Ebeltoft, Denmark

Construction work continues on the Kvadrat Pavilion in Ebeltoft. The hospitality and conference space is a collaboration with artist Thomas Demand, located in the coastal dunes surrounding Kvadrat's headquarters.

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The Swiss Life Arena is featured in Casabella 944. Federico Tranfa introduces the project and discusses its key references – the ruins of an ancient mosque in Syria and the 18th century Guards Tent in the gardens of the summer palace at Drottingholm in Stockholm.

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Swiss Performance 2023

Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss Life Arena features in Swiss Performance 2023, Archithese's round-up of the best Swiss architectural projects from the past 12 months.

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The Swiss Life Arena is reviewed in the March edition of Werk, Bauen WohnenBenjamin Muschg takes in the atmosphere at a sold-out game, as the ZSC Lions triumph over HC Davos, and describes the building's unconventional organisation and approach to minimizing energy consumption in use.

A publication charting the 14 year process of designing and building the Swiss Life Arena has been published by Park Books.

The book is by CCTM Real Estate & Infrastructure AG, with contributions by Ariana Pradal, Marco Keller, and Claudia Kaufmann-Morf, as well as photographs by and Philip Heckhausen.

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Marco Biagi explores the approach of international practices to decommissioned industrial buildings. Citing a range of recently completed projects, including Caruso St John's Veemgebouw, he discusses the rise of adaptive reuse. Biagi explains through our urgent environmental crisis, the reuse of industrial plants and depots is more necessary than ever, offering a new challenging creative outlet for contemporary architects.

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Maik Novotny visits Caruso St John's Zurich office to discuss the new arena for the ZSC Lions ice-hockey team and, despite the scale of its most recently completed project, discovers the practice's long-term interest and growing commitment to projects that prioritise renovation and adaptive re-use over new construction.

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