University of Basel Department of Biomedicine

Basel, Switzerland 2015–2018

Client: University of Basel Competition, first prize

Caruso St John Architects was appointed to design the new centre for Biomedicine at Basel University, following a competition in 2015. The site is challenging; the scale and presence of the new building are much greater than those of the surrounding city. The building is required to integrate physically and functionally with an adjacent building that is part of the department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Nevertheless, the Biomedical centre is too important and prominent to be considered an addition, so the project is for a building that is, in spirit, a solitaire.

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Drawings 1

Ground floor plan

Drawings 2

First floor plan

Drawings 3

Second floor plan

Drawings 4


Drawings 5

North-west elevation

Drawings 6

Façade detail


Basel, Switzerland


32,823 m²

University of Basel

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Florian Zierer

Project architect
Stephanie Hirschvogel (2016-2017), Silvia Pfaffhauser, Roland Siegel, Thomas Wirz (2017)

Project team
Patrick Arnold, Marco Caviezel, Kristina Grigorjeva, Stephanie Hirschvogel, Christoph Hayn, Hannah von Knobelsdorff, Maria Minic, Noémi Orth, Michal Sadowski, Anja Schaffner, Michael Schneider

Structural engineer
Ferrari Gartmann AG

Services engineer
Kalt + Halbeisen Ingenieurbüro AG (HLKKS)
Enerpeak AG (E)

Project manager
Rapp Industrieplaner AG

Cost consultant
Jaeger Baumanagement AG

Building physics
Bakus Bauphysik & Akustik AG