New Art Gallery Walsall Twenty years New Art Gallery Walsall, United Kingdom


New Art Gallery Walsall
Twenty years

New Art Gallery Walsall, United Kingdom

Thursday 20th February

Caruso St John Architects' first major project, the New Art Gallery Walsall, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its opening this week.

The occasion will be marked with the opening of two exhibitions: 20:20 – Twenty Years of Collecting Contemporary Art, and 20 for 2020, which bring together works collected by and exhibited at the gallery over the past twenty years.

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The Guardian is currently exploring the collections of British institutions, highlighting important artworks. From the New Art Gallery in Walsall, Julie Brown the collection's curator, analyses and celebrates Sally Ryan's sculpture 'The Martinique'.

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Barbara Hepworth:
Divided Circle

Heong Gallery, Cambridge, United Kingdom

15 November 2019 – 2 February 2020

Designed by Caruso St John, the Barbara Hepworth exhibition Divided Circle opens today at The Heong Gallery at Downing College, Cambridge.

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Visions of the Self:
Rembrandt and Now

Gagosian Gallery Grosvenor Hill, London, United Kingdom

12 April-18 May 2019

Visions of the Self: Rembrandt and Now, the exhibition designed by Caruso St John is open at Gagosian Gallery Grosvenor Hill.

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Unveiled Affinities:
Quaderns in Europe

COAC, Barcelona, Spain

15 February-10 March 2019

Caruso St John will be participating in the exhibition 'Unveiled Affinities'.

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Carte Blanche XVI

Architekturforum Zurich, Switzerland

30 January 2020, 7pm

Adam Caruso and Peter St John will be in discussion with Maria Conen, Oliver Lütjens as part of the Caruso St John Carte Blanche Exhibition at Architekturforum Zurich.


The New Art Gallery Walsall celebrates its 10th Birthday

New Art Gallery Walsall, United Kingdom

11 February 2020

The occasion is marked by Party! an exhibition featuring an eclectic range of artists whose works are linked through broad reference to the party, a theme which extends across music, singing, dancing, greetings cards, food and drink, dress and decorations.



Arbroath, United Kingdom

27 May 2021

Caruso St John have completed renovation work on the fernery and glasshouse at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath, which open to the public today. This is the first phase in the wider redevelopment of the Category A listed arts centre.

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Planning submission

Downing College Student Centre

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Caruso St John's design for Downing College's new Student Centre has been submitted for planning approval. The three-storey structure, close to the College entrance from Regent Street is part of the first phase of the practice's master plan for the college.

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Office Building, Escher Wyss Platz

Zurich, Switzerland

Construction has completed on a new office building in Escher Wyss, Zurich. The six-storey structure faces onto the Hardbrücke, an elevated road that crosses Zurich West.

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Under construction

Swiss Life Arena

Zurich, Switzerland

Construction continues on the new home for the ZSC Lions ice hockey team. The main arena is taking shape, with all its in-situ concrete poured and the pre-cast elements being put into place.

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Project update


Zurich, Switzerland

The renovation of a private home on Erikastrasse nears completion, with the installation of its windows.

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Planning approval

Private House, North London

London, United Kingdom

Designs for a private house in Hampstead, north London have been granted planning permission.

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