Canterbury Cathedral Organ Loft

Canterbury, United Kingdom 2016–2020

Client: The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral UNESCO World Heritage Site

The new organ loft at Canterbury Cathedral provides an elevated place in the central part of the Cathedral for the organist to sit at their console and play, in a position close to the choir and within clear sight of the choirmaster. The new loft stands in the North Quire, in the oldest part of the building, between two stone columns, and is separated from the choir by a stone screen that dates from the twelfth century.

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Drawings 1

Cathedral reflected ceiling plan

Drawings 2


Drawings 3

Cross section

Drawings 4

Section detail

Drawings 5


Drawings 6


Drawings 7

North Quire Aisle level detail plan

Drawings 8

Platform level detail plan

Drawings 9

North, west and east elevations

Drawings 10

South elevation and section


Model 1
Model 2
Model 3

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Canterbury, United Kingdom


The Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Construction cost

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Rod Heyes

Project architect
Will Pirkis

Structural engineers
Price & Myers LLP, The Morton Partnership LLP (cathedral engineers)

Services engineer
Ritchie & Daffin Ltd.

Main contractor
Millimetre Ltd.

Hélène Binet

Cathedral ceiling plan
Liam Wright