Office Building, Escher Wyss Platz

Zurich, Switzerland 2017–2020

Client: Allreal West AG

This new office building close to Escher-Wyss Platz faces the Hardbrücke—the elevated road that crosses Zurich West. The line of the Hardbrücke cuts through the intense heterogeneity of this area of the city, a place where infrastructure and active industrial sites jostle side-by-side with the Prime Tower and the Schiffbau—evidence of the quarter’s ongoing gentrification. The design engages with the dynamic of the present situation, while still connecting with the quarter’s industrial history.

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Drawings 1


Drawings 2


Drawings 3

Ground floor

Drawings 4

Floor below Atrium

Drawings 5

Floor above Atrium

Drawings 6

Long section

Drawings 7

Cross section

Drawings 8

North elevation

Drawings 9

East elevation

Drawings 10

Facade details

Drawings 11

Façade detail

Drawings 12


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Adam Caruso was interviewed for OASE Journal's edition on modernity. Emailing with the issue's editors, Tom Avermaete and Hans Teerds, he discusses the nuances of what it means to be 'modern' and how to engage with a cities architectural codes and conventions while adding to its definition of history.

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Office Building, Escher Wyss Platz

Zurich, Switzerland

Construction has completed on a new office building in Escher Wyss, Zurich. The six-storey structure faces onto the Hardbrücke, an elevated road that crosses Zurich West.

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Coming soon

Office Building, Escher Wyss Platz

Zurich, Switzerland

Caruso St John's project for a new office building adjacent to the Hardbrücke viaduct in Zurich West will be completed at the end of November. Works to the office interiors and planting in the cantilevered balconies are complete, and ground floor retail units are currently being finished. Tenants will occupy the building early in the new year.

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Zurich, Switzerland


Allreal West AG

9,300 m²

Construction cost
21.5m CHF

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Michael Schneider, Florian Zierer

Project architects
Ferdinand Schmidt (2016–2020), Roland Siegel (2018–2019)

Project team
Michal Sadowski, Goran Travar, Noemi Orth, Maria Lamott, Giulia Biondi, Paula Seeling, Pierre Chèvremont, Frida Grahn, Nora Walter, Anja Schaffner, Christine Kaufmann, Dominic Kim, Lei Zhang

Structural engineer
WLW Bauingenieure AG

Services consultant
RMB Engineering AG

Cost consultant
Allreal Generalunternehmung AG

Project manager
Allreal Generalunternehmung AG

Landscape architect
Antón & Ghiggi Landschaft Architektur GmbH

Building physics
Jauslin + Stebler Ingenieure AG

Electrical engineer
R+B Engineering AG

Fire, security
ProteQ GmbH

Façade engineering
Feroplan AG

Main contractor
Allreal Generalunternehmung AG

Philip Heckhausen