St Jakob Foundation

Zurich, Switzerland 2013–2018

Client: Stiftung Behindertenwerk St. Jakob Auszeichnung für gute Bauten der Stadt Zürich 2016-2020

The St Jakob Foundation provides disabled people with a diverse range of employment opportunities on their site in Zurich West, ranging from work in the famous St Jakob bakery, to repairs, woodworking and facilities management. The design gathers these uses into a tall loft-like form that responds to the context of the other isolated buildings nearby, which stand along a major railway viaduct in this previously industrial area of the city. The building’s compact volume accentuates its object quality, at the same time as making connections to these industrial structures.

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Drawings 1

Site plan

Drawings 2

East elevation

Drawings 3

Long section

Drawings 4

North elevation

Drawings 5

Cross section

Drawings 6

South elevation

Drawings 7

Southeast elevation

Drawings 8

Façade detail

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Caruso St John's St Jakob Foundation has won the Auszeichnung für gute Bauten der Stadt Zürich, 2016-2020. The prizes given every five years, look to projects which develop the city's urban heritage, offer a social contribution, carefully use resources and respect their environment.

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Zurich, Switzerland


Stiftung Behindertenwerk St. Jakob

Construction cost
26m CHF

10,900 m²

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Michael Schneider, Florian Zierer

Project architects
Florian Summa (2013-2015), Annina Meier (2015-2018)

Project team
Veronika Bonora, Robert Chandler, Christoph Dörrig, Laura Favre-Bully, Philipp Knorr, Kristina Grigorjeva, Adriana Müller, Moritz Puerckhauer, Isabelle Rütimann, Simon Schankula

Structural engineer
Conzett Bronizini Partner

Services engineer
Kalt & Halbeisen Ingenieurbüro AG, Pfiffner AG

Electrical engineering
enerpeak AG

Building physics

Fire & security

Main contractor
HRS Real Estate AG

Concrete structure
Streuli Bau AG

Prefabricated concrete
Elementwerk Istighofen

Philip Heckhausen