Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2007–2022

Client: Trudo Competition, first prize RIBA International Award

This commission arose from an ideas competition for the conversion of the Veemgebouw, a monumental warehouse building at the former Philips industrial site in Eindhoven. The historic building was constructed in 1943 and is the most impressive and prominent of a series of large industrial buildings on the Strijp S site at the heart of the complex. The site is being redeveloped as a new piece of the city by the Dutch housing developer Trudo, to a masterplan by Jo Coenen and West 8. The new uses on the site include apartments, offices, and retail spaces, within existing historic buildings and new buildings.

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Drawings 1

Site plan

Drawings 2

Apartment level plan

Drawings 3

Car park level plan

Drawings 4

Ground floor food hall plan

Drawings 5

Long section

Drawings 6

Cross section

Drawings 7

East core section

Drawings 8

South primary entrance detail

Drawings 9

Apartment entrance detail

Drawings 10

Car park lobby detail

Model photographs

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
Model 6

Historic images

Historic images 1

Plan showing the extent of the Strijp S complex

Historic images 2
Historic images 3
Historic images 4

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Caruso St John has won a RIBA International Award for its ‘innovative and joyful’ conversion of the Veemgebouw in Eindhoven, which has transformed the 1940s Philips electrical company warehouse into a modern mixed-use urban building.

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Marco Biagi explores the approach of international practices to decommissioned industrial buildings. Citing a range of recently completed projects, including Caruso St John's Veemgebouw, he discusses the rise of adaptive reuse. Biagi explains through our urgent environmental crisis, the reuse of industrial plants and depots is more necessary than ever, offering a new challenging creative outlet for contemporary architects.

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Caruso St John's Veemgebouw building is reviewed in the Architects Journal's Climate Crisis issue. Rob Wilson explores the project's respectful and flexible retrofit of the listed 1940s warehouse, part of the former Philips factory complex. The building now provides a mix of housing above a range of public and commercial spaces.

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Veemgebouw, Strijp S

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Construction has completed on Caruso St John's redevelopment of the Veemgebouw, a former Philips factory building on Strijp S in Eindhoven. The monumental industrial site in the Brainport region of the city is now the centre of a lively urban environment.

The design repurposed the existing floors to create a varied mixed-use structure; including workspaces on the upper floors, a car-park and a food-hall on the ground floor. The project also included the addition of 38 rooftop studios and maisonettes.

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Under construction

Veemgebouw, Strijp S

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The mast has been craned into place on top of the Veemgebouw. The design features integrated LED lighting, continuing the local tradition for night time illuminations across the city's skyline. It echoes the mast that stood on top of the building in its previous incarnation as a factory for the Philips electrical company.

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Reuse, Recycle
Lessons in Sustainable Architecture

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

10th February 2022

Peter St John is taking part in TU Eindhoven's lecture series, Lessons in Sustainable Architecture. His talk, Reuse, Recycle will discuss the practice's renovation projects with a focus on their sustainability and design process.

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Under construction

Veemgebouw, Strijp S

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The landscape and interiors of Caruso St John's Veemgebouw Strijp S are now taking shape. The top floor of new construction contains 40 apartments, arranged around a landscaped courtyard, with external facades of curving brickwork that form a new dramatic top to the building.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands



Construction cost

31,600 m²

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John

Project architects
Florian Zierer (Competition: 2007–2008), Bernd Schmutz, Steffi Wedde (Design phase: 2011–2014), Will Pirkis (Construction: 2020–2022)

Project team
Sam Casswell, James Decent, Emily Keyte, David Leech, Adam Gielniak, Steffi Wedde

Executive architect
Piet Vrencken, V/Architecten

Structural engineer
Tielemans Bouwconstructies BV

Services consultant
LTC & C Installatiemanagement BV, Visietech B.V.

Cost consultant
DNC and IGG Bouweconomie BV

Project manager
Trudo Holding BV

Main contractor
Stam + de Koning

RIBA International Award

Filip Dujardin