Hardturm Areal

Zurich, Switzerland 2016–present

Client: HRS Real Estate AG

The site for this project is in Zurich West, an industrial area which is undergoing an intense redevelopment and densification that is introducing office, residential and leisure uses alongside existing industrial sites. The scheme will provide a new 18,500-seat football stadium for Zurich’s two clubs, FCZ and GC, two mixed-use towers and a residential building with one hundred and seventy-three co-operative apartments.

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Drawings 1

Site plan

Drawings 2

Longitudinal section

Drawings 3

South elevation

Drawings 4

Ground floor plan, West Tower

Drawings 5

Mezzanine floor plan, West Tower

Drawings 6

Office level plan, West Tower

Drawings 7

Apartment level plan, West Tower

Drawings 8

Tower section

Drawings 9

West Tower facade detail

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Hardturm Areal, Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

In the referendum of 27 September, almost 60% voted in favor of plans for the development of Hardtrum Areal in Zurich West.

The development, for clients Credit Suisse, HRS Real Estate, and Zurich housing co-operative ABZ, comprises a 18,000 seat stadium, an apartment building with 174 co-operative apartments, and two 137-metre mixed-use towers. The design is a collaboration with Zurich-based practices, Bolthauser Architekten and Pool Architekten.

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Hardturm Areal

Zurich, Switzerland


Another popular vote will be held on 27 September 2020 to decide the future of the Hardturm Areal project.

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Hardturm Areal

Zurich, Switzerland

Residents of Zurich have voted in favour of the project to build a new football stadium. The referendum took place on Sunday 25th November with 53.8% voting in favour of the development.


Hardturm Areal

Zurich, Switzerland


A referendum in Zurich will decide the future of the project to build a dedicated football stadium for the city.

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Zurich, Switzerland


HRS Real Estate AG, Credit Suisse

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John

Project architects
Michael Schneider, Philipp Boenigk

Project team
Pierre Chevremont, Christoph Doerrig, Federico Farinatti, Keigo Mori, Lei Zhang, Florian Zierer

Collaborating architects
Bolthauser Architekten, Pool Architeckten

Structural engineers
Ribi Blum AG, Romanshorn

Services consultant
Amstein & Walthert AG

Cost consultant
HRS Real Estate AG

Facade engineer
Neuschwander & Morf AG

Building physics
Kopitsis Bauphysik AG

Landscape architect
Studio Vulkan Landschaftsatchitekur GmbH

Nightnurse Images GmbH