St Pancras Commercial Centre

London, United Kingdom 2018–present (under construction)

Client: W·RE

This project, for the developer W·RE, is located close to King’s Cross Station in Camden, in an area of the city that is undergoing substantial change. The site is currently occupied by a block of 1980s light-industrial units. Caruso St John is designing a 24,000 square metre mixed-use scheme, which accommodates the same area of industrial workspace within a denser development of offices and housing, together with a modest area of retail.

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Under construction

St Pancras Commercial Centre

London, United Kingdom

The central slip form core of the St Pancras Commercial Centre is being poured. The process uses an efficient rig system to pour the concrete, and will take around 4 weeks to complete. Once the slip form is done horizonal slabs will be cast to make the structure rigid.

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Ground breaking

St Pancras Commercial Centre

London, United Kingdom

3rd March 2022

A ground breaking ceremony was held on 3rd March to celebrate the start of construction on the St Pancras Commercial Centre. Located in an area of North London which is undergoing substantial change, Caruso St John's 24,000 m² mixed-use scheme will accommodate a dense development of housing, workspace and retail.

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London, United Kingdom



24,000 m²

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John, Rod Heyes

Project Architect
James Hand

Project Team
Scarlett Barclay, Nele Bergmans, Leendert De Vos, Pieter Dossche, Georgi Georgiev, Nabil Haque, Timo Keller, Ross Kirker, Nina Lundvall, Darya Moatazed-Keivani, Livia Notarangelo, Shaan Patel, Giacomo Pelizzari, Will Pirkis, Christian Seiterle, Fabienne Sommer, Kaye Song, Ben Speltz, Katrin Wahdat, Talissa Weder, Benjamin Wells, Tom Whittaker, Eva Janusch, Denise Roth

Structure and façade engineers
AKT II limited

Services engineering, fire and sustainability
Norman Disney Young

Cost consultant

Project manager
Blackburn and Co.

Landscape Architect
Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects

Urban context research

Planning and affordable housing consultancy
Gerald Eve LLP

Townscape consultant
Peter Stewart Consultancy

Transport and people flow consultant
Urban Flow

Rights of light surveyor
Point 2

Hann Tucker Associates