Centre for Tourism and Culture

Ascona, Switzerland 2004

Client: Council of Ascona Competition, first prize

Caruso St John Architects won an international competition for the design of a new Cultural and Tourist Centre in the Swiss town of Ascona, known for its lake-edge promenade on Lake Maggiore. The new building would have provided a 1,200-seat concert hall and was intended as a permanent venue for the town's annual music festival, as a conference venue, and as a gallery for the collections of the town's existing art museum.

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Ascona, Switzerland


10,000 m²

60m CHF

Council of Ascona

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John

Project team
Lorenzo De Chiffre, Christiane Felber, Adam Khan, Ah-Ra Kim, David Kohn, Aureliusz Kowalczyk, James Payne, Sabine Rosenkranz, Bernd Schmutz, Michael Schneider, Kerstin Treiber, Stephanie Webs, Frank Wössner

Structural and Services engineers

Cost consultant
Büro für Bauökonomire