Centre for Tourism and Culture

Ascona, Switzerland 2004

Client: Council of Ascona Competition, first prize

Caruso St John Architects won an international competition for the design of a new Cultural and Tourist Centre in the Swiss town of Ascona, known for its lake-edge promenade on Lake Maggiore. The new building would have provided a 1,200-seat concert hall and was intended as a permanent venue for the town's annual music festival, as a conference venue, and as a gallery for the collections of the town's existing art museum.

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Model Behaviour

New York, USA

Tuesday 4th October – Friday 18th November 2022


Caruso St John's competition models for the Ascona Centre for Tourism and Culture and the Musée Cantonal des Beaux‑Arts Lausanne feature in an exhibition at the Cooper Union, New York.

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Ascona, Switzerland


10,000 m²

60m CHF

Council of Ascona

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John

Project team
Lorenzo De Chiffre, Christiane Felber, Adam Khan, Ah-Ra Kim, David Kohn, Aureliusz Kowalczyk, James Payne, Sabine Rosenkranz, Bernd Schmutz, Michael Schneider, Kerstin Treiber, Stephanie Webs, Frank Wössner

Structural and Services engineers

Cost consultant
Büro für Bauökonomire