Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art

Riga, Latvia 2016

Client: Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation Competition

The competition design for the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Riga set out to make a special place in the city and an inspiring environment in which to encounter contemporary art. The design for the new building—situated on a large open site that was awaiting a substantial development—was conceived as an abstract and idealised vision of a museum, bringing together art, architecture and landscape, in an almost Arcadian composition of buildings and gardens.

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References 1

An Arcadian composition of buildings and gardens at Croome Court, Richard Wilson, 1758

References 2

David Smith Sculptures in a snow covered landscape. Upper Field, Bolton Landing

References 3

Upper Field at Bolton Landing in summer

References 4

The Chamberlain Building, Chinati Foundation, Marfa

References 5

Giaccometti Bronzes with a view to the landscape, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

References 6

Art Nouveau building on the corner of Gertrucde Street, Riga


Riga, Latvia


Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art Foundation

7,000 m²

Invited competition

Caruso St John Architects
Adam Caruso, Peter St John

Project architect
Rod Heyes

Project Team
Thomas Back, James Hand, Marie Kristin Lutz, Amy Perkins

Local architect
Jaunromāns un Ābele