Caruso St John Architects

Location: London, UK
Client: Gagosian Gallery
Project Status: Built

The Gagosian Gallery at Britannia Street in Kings Cross provides a suite of large, naturally lit rooms at ground level, which accommodate exhibitions of the scale and ambition for which Gagosian’s New York and Los Angeles galleries are well known.

The ground floor of 1,400 square meters provides three connected galleries, accommodating the possibility of a large single exhibition or smaller parallel show. The largest gallery, 28m long and 5.5m high, is a new building, while the other galleries are within existing structures. Different natural lighting and subtle differences in construction between new and existing spaces provide a range of gallery conditions within a connected family of rooms.

All the galleries have full environmental controls and museum standard floor and wall loading capacity. New offices and viewing rooms are located on the first floor, above the gallery.

Caruso St John have also worked on Gagosian’s galleries in Rome, Paris and Hong Kong and two further spaces in London, in a working relationship of long standing.